Below are the refund policies for the following products:


Our 7-day Challenge Pack comes with a RISK-FREE guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with the 7-Day Challenge experience, contact us within 30 days of receiving the product, tell us what you are unhappy with, and we will issue a refund.  Contact us by phone or text at 858-255-0414 or by email at

(as a Preferred or Retail Customer or as an Affiliate or Wholesale Customer)

Any Active Affiliate or Customer (those who are not voluntarily or involuntarily terminating their Affiliation) may return or exchange products purchase according to the following policies/conditions in addition to the return policies in section 27 and 28 of the Gano Excel 2017 Policies and Procedures:

  • Product exchange must be of equal or higher value.
  • Product exchange/return is initiated by Affiliate (through contacting customer service and acquiring an RMA number) no more than 45 days after the order was initially placed.
  • Authorized exchange/return is sent to The Company within 10 days of receiving the RMA number.
  • Affiliate must return the product in its original packing along with the original invoice and the Product must be in resalable condition (i.e. must not be opened/damaged/or expired). The Company will solely be responsible for deeming a product “in resalable condition”.
  • Product must be returned by Affiliate through a reputable shipping provider that offers traceable method of product tracking (i.e. UPS, FedEx). Affiliate assumes full responsibility for shipping charges including insurance and/or package tracking.

Upon receipt of the return/exchange and once the above conditions are met, the company will (at its discretion) notate the Affiliate’s account and issue a refund/exchange within thirty (30) days. If a refund is granted ninety (90) percent of the “net cost” (see section 27) of the Product will be issued. In the case of an exchange the Affiliate must pay a 10% restocking fee on the original purchase.

In order to be classified as “resalable”, the Product must be unopened. This condition will be determined after thorough examination by the Company.

If this policy conflicts with a particular law of a jurisdiction, where a specific buyback requirement has been enacted by law, the Company shall repurchase resalable Products in accordance with the applicable statute. The Returns Procedures must be followed in order to return Product.

The Company will not regard inventory as “resalable” if the shelf life or expiration date is within thirty (30) days of expiration, if the Product seals have been broken or tampered with, if the item has been discontinued, or if a particular item had been originally sold under a clearly defined, discontinued, seasonal, or special promotion.

The Independent Affiliate Application enrollment fee is non-refundable as it provides services, and marketing and demonstration materials.


In order to obtain a refund for returned merchandise, the Affiliate or Customer must do the following:

  1. Contact the Company’s Customer Service Department to obtain a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number for the refund request. The RMA number shall be valid only for thirty (30) days from issuance by the Company.  Customer Service can be reached by phone at 626-338-8081 or by email at
  2. Provide verification of the original orders, receipts, or proofs of purchase.
  3. Ship the Product, prepaid, to the Company in a protective container or carton, along with a brief explanation of the contents and the RMA number given by the Customer Service representative. The return address and RMA number should be printed clearly on the outside of the package.
  4. Any and all shipping or courier costs for the return of Product to a distribution center will be borne solely by the Affiliate or Customer. Any damage or loss that occurs to returned Product during shipping will also be the responsibility of the Affiliate. Should the package containing returned Product arrive at the Company damaged (thereby rendering it non-resalable), the Company’s distribution center will reject the shipment. It is recommended that a reliable, traceable courier service be used for shipping.

When the above procedure has been completed and the return process and Product have been verified, a refund for up to ninety (90) percent of the amount paid for the product will be issued and sent to the Affiliate. Refunds will be made through the method used to pay for the order initially (credit card and check) within thirty (30) days. Local, state, or provincial repurchase laws or requirements may cause variance to this procedure.

If the Company has given a refund for which the Affiliate has been paid Commission on the sale; the Affiliate may be required, at the Company’s option, to return any applicable Commission received.


A. Product Care. All Company Product should be stored in a cool, dry, and hygienically safe area or as otherwise directed by the label. As a general rule, the Product should be kept at least four inches (4”) above the floor. The Company is not responsible for Product that is damaged due to improper storage

B. Do not consume any Products produced by the Company if the seal is broken or tampered with in any way.

C. If Product is damaged or defective; a Customer or Affiliate should contact the Company within ten (10) days of receipt of the order. The Company will issue a call tag for the Product and immediately send a replacement order. The Company will inspect the undesirable Product upon receipt.

D. In the event that a shipment does not arrive at the address specified for the order, the Affiliate must report to Customer Service that the Product was not received. Such report must occur within fourteen (14) days after the order was placed.

E. In the event an Affiliate receives extra Product, he/she will contact the Company. The Affiliate can either refuse the Product upon delivery or send payment to cover the cost of the additional items.


If you have any questions about these return policies, you can contact Rick & Shana Frey, Independent Gano Excel Affiliates, by phone at 858-255-0414 or by email at  You can also contact Gano Excel Corporate Customer Service by phone at 626-338-8081 or by email at

Rick & Shana