It’s about changing lives, one cup at a time.  Click on these video links to see and hear first-hand how lives were changed for these people.  These are not professional actors – just real people who wanted to share their story because they’re hoping it will help someone else.

Can Coffee Actually Change Lives?
See if it did for Martin who had severe back and nerve injuries…

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Do You Try To Avoid Coffee because of Acid Reflux, GERD, IBS or other severe digestive issues?  You may not have to.  Listen to Elizabeth’s story – it may interest you:

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Gano Cafe has helped people suffering from excruciating pain.  Dexter was willing to share his story about out it helped him and how he found RELIEF with Ganderma Lucidum / Gano Excel.  If you know anyone in severe pain, share this story with them:

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Doctors Recommend Avoiding Coffee for High Blood Pressure.  Do you know anyone with high blood pressure, or anyone who just wants to feel better and look younger?  Janeska is s usually very private about her health, but thought this was important to share in case it could help someone else who also struggled with chronic high blood pressure and more.  Watch her story here:

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Does Coffee Make Diabetes Worse?  The good news is that ours doesn’t – the Gano in it is known to help with blood sugar balancing.  Philippe shares his journey with diabetes.  This man’s honesty and sincerity is wonderful when it comes to openly sharing his experience with Gano Coffee – and this is such a great example that life can become so much better at any age.  Listen to his story:

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