How to Order GanoCafe

As Independent Affiliates with Gano Excel, we are able to offer you two options to order GanoCafe and other Ganoderma-enriched products. We like options because that gives you a way to make a choice that best suits you.

What are these options? You can order as a Retail / Preferred Customer or you can join our Affiliate program which allows you to purchase at wholesale prices and/or to earn income sharing these great products with others.

Most of our customers start out as Retail / Preferred Customers. Then, when they experience how great these products are, and want to order them at the wholesale price, we introduce them to the Affiliate program.

We have listed the differences between the two programs below, and we have provided steps and screenshots so you will know exactly how to order Gano Excel’s GanoCafe products.

Retail / Preferred Customer

  • Perfect for first-time purchasers or once-in-a-while purchasers.
  • Order as few or as many products as you’d like.
  • Set up monthly auto shipment so you always have the products you love.

Accounts remain active with a purchase every 6 months.  If you cannot access your existing account, please call Gano Excel Customer Care at 626-338-8081.

Independent Affiliate Account

  • Perfect if you love to buy wholesale – save up to 30% on GanoCafe products.
  • Earn points towards free products with a monthly autoshipment.
  • Start an Independent Affiliate business and earn income sharing these products.

Startup packages start at $50. If you cannot access your existing affiliate account, call Gano Excel Customer Care at 626-338-8081.

We are here to help you with whichever choice you’d like.  Scroll down to learn how to set up a retail / preferred customer account and place an order.  Click here if you are interested in the Affiliate programThe great news is… you win either way, because you get to enjoy our fine Gano Excel products!


How to Set Up Your Account and Place an Order

You can set up your account online and place an order using the instructions below, you can call Gano Excel Customer Care Team at 626-338-8081 and they can set up the account for you (in English or Spanish), or you can contact us directly and we can answer any product questions or questions about discounts and the affiliate program.

1) Order online: 

  • Go to
  • To create your account and place an order, scroll to the Our Products section and click on Shop Now.
  • Add the products you want to the shopping cart.
  • When you are ready to check out, click on the shopping cart icon up in the corner to review your order.
  • Follow the remaining steps to provide shipping and payment details.  (Please scroll down on this page to see screen shots if you’d like to see exactly what to click on.)

If you want to order at our wholesale prices, and receive discounts up to 30%, or if you want to earn income by becoming an affiliate and sharing these products with others, click here for instructions on setting up an Affiliate / Wholesale account.

2) Order By Phone (in English or Spanish):

  • Call our Customer Care team at 626-338-8081 (Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm PST).
  • Tell the representative you want to set up a Retail / Preferred Customer account and place an order.
  • Our Customer Care team will ask for the name and ID number of the affiliate who referred you.  The name is Rick Frey at RS Health Solutions, Affiliate ID #8397750.
  • They may ask you if you want to set up a Retail / Preferred Customer Account or Affiliate Account.  Most people start with a Retail / Preferred Customer account (click here for Affiliate Account info), but you can choose whichever is right for you.  If you want an affiliate account, the representative will need to know that you should be placed on “the right leg.”

3) Call Us:

  • You can call us at 858-255-0414 with any questions about products, the affiliate program or the best subscription packages for your situation. 
  • We are not able to place an order for you for account security reasons, but we can help with questions. 

How to Set Up a Retail / Preferred Customer Account and Order GanoCafe Products (with screenshots)

Instructions below include screen shots to help you through the process for ordering online.  If you would prefer to call and speak to someone, you can call our Customer Care Team.  See information above.

1) Click HERE to go to the Account Setup page.

2) Scroll down the Our Products section and click on the Shop Now button.

GanoCafe Shop Now Retail Button

3) This will bring you to page with all products.  You’ll be prompted to take a short tour of the page, which you can take or skip.

GanoCafe Retail Quick Tour
4) Click BUY under the items you would like to purchase.

GanoCafe Retail Buy Button

5) A window will pop up that allows you to choose the quantity, then click Add to Cart.

6) After you selected your items click on the Shopping Cart located on the lower right corner.?

GanoCafe Shopping Cart Icon

7) To adjust quantities or when you are ready to check out, click on the Shopping Cart icon.

GanoCafe Retail Checkout Button

8) When you have the items and quantities you want in your shopping cart, click CHECKOUT.  You will see this screen:

How to log in as a Preferred Customer

If you are a returning customer, and you are having problems with logging in, you can contact our Customer Care team at 626-338-8081.  If it has been over 6 months since your last purchase, Customer Care will need to re-activate your account and reset your password.

(Note: sometimes the system will check your shipping address again the USPS database.  If that happens, you will need to choose the USPS version of your address to complete the purchase.)

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Have Other GanoCafe Questions?

If you have any problems enrolling, or need help figuring out how to use your rewards points, or just have general questions, feel free to call or text us directly at 858-255-0414.

To great coffee, great health, and an abundant life,

Rick Shana Signature forw Benefits of Being an Affiliate

p.s. Remember to call or text us when you enroll!  We won’t have access to your contact information unless you get in touch with us, and we want to help you get started right!  Call or text us at 858-255-0414.