Whether you’d like to change your next Autoship Order, cancel it or start a new Autoship order, be sure to make these changes at least 3 business days before your order is scheduled to ship out.  One of the biggest perks of receiving an autoshipment (besides having your coffee delivered every month and not running out), is that you earn points you can use for free products!  And sometimes we have specials for customers enrolled in our Autoship program.


Go to www.us.ganoexcel.com or call Gano Excel Customer Service at (626) 338-8081.

Enter your Affiliate ID
Enter your Password

(if you don’t remember your ID number or password, call Gano Excel Customer Support at (626) 338-8081)


On left menu bar, click on Autoship, then on View Profile.


You can either modify what you are receiving or cancel your autoship order.

To cancel your autoship order, click on the red button in the upper right corner:  DELETE AUTOSHIP PROFILE.

To modify your order, click on IV. Autoship Items

If you choose the EDIT icon, you can modify the quantity of what you are receiving (if you no longer want to receive this item, click the trash can icon):




If you choose the ADD icon, you can add different items to your order. Just be sure to press the SUBMIT button after you have entered the quantity of each item you want to add.

If you cancel your autoshipment and want to re-start it at a later date, you can either call Customer Service at 626-338-8081 or you can log into your account and add in a new autoshipment profile.

If you have questions about these steps or this process, you can call Gano Customer Service or call/email us at (858) 255-0414 or rickandshana@ganocafe.org.

Rick & Shana
Changing Lives One Sip at a Time