Whether you’d like to change your next Autoship Order or pause/stop it, be sure to make these changes at least 3 business days before your order is scheduled to ship out.


Go to www.us.ganoexcel.com or call Gano Excel Customer Service at (626) 338-8081.

Enter your Affiliate ID
Enter your Password

(if you don’t remember your ID number or password, call Gano Life Support at (626) 338-8081)


Click on Member Info, then on Autoship



To change or remove products being shipped, scroll down to Order Items and click on Adjust QTY.  

GE Adjust Qty

Or to ADD a new item, click on the GREEN button on the bottom of the screen that says ADD AUTOSHIP ITEMS.

If you want to adjust the quantity of an item, or REMOVE an item, click on Adjust QTY.  The screen for that item will pop up in a separate window.  (If it does not appear to be working, check your popup blocker settings.  You may need to allow popups from this website)

Once the screen has popped up, you’ll have the choice to REMOVE FROM PROFILE or type a new number in the New Quantity box and click CHANGE QUANTITY if you just want to change the quantity of an item you are receiving.

If you want to stop your autoshipment, you can call Customer Service or you can just go through and remove each item from your profile, and if there are no items in your profile, your autoshipment will stop.

To resume your autoshipment, you will need to call Customer Service at 626-338-8081.

If you have questions about these steps or this process, you can call Gano Customer Service or call/email us at (858) 255-0414 or rickandshana@ganocafe.org.

Shana & Rick