GanoCafe ClassicIs there anything like the first cup of coffee in the morning?   My favorite in the morning – GanoCafe Classic, our bold, black coffee enriched with a unique blend of nutrients.  Personally, I love it with a splash of organic half & half or coconut milk.

Gano Excel has taken the full-bodied taste of the world’s richest and finest coffee, and infused it with a powerful Ganoderma Extract.  Ganoderma Lucidum is believed by many to be the most nutritious herb in the world, and blending it into a rich coffee gives you health without having to change your habits!  With more than 200 trace nutrients, the potent Red Mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum) brings a unique blend of nutrients into this rich, robust tasting coffee.

So you can enjoy your morning coffee and experience a new sense of energy and vitality, the kind that stays with you all through the day – naturally!

Ganocafé Classic. It’s a whole new kind of coffee tradition…only from Gano Excel.

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GanoCafe is also a low acid coffee, so if you LOVE coffee, but suffer with heart burn, acid reflux, GERD or even IBS, you may be interested in finding out more.  But just to give you a quick summary…

  • Our Brazilian coffee beans undergo an all natural steam process to remove most of the natural irritants formed during coffee roasting, which can lead to heartburn, indigestion or stomach upset.  While this process removes irritants, the aroma, flavor and caffeine are left completely intact. 
  • And  even better.. the Ganoderma Lucidum in our coffee is an extremely alkaline herbal remedy, also knows as Reishi, that is known to help revitalize pH levels while building the natural stomach flora.  So even without the steam processing, combining Ganoderma and coffee can have a positive affect on the pH level, and reduce the acidity of the coffee. 
  • Then when we add in the steam processing, we have the best low acid coffee available!  BUY IT NOW

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To great coffee & great health,




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