Rick Frey Gano CafeOne of our absolute favorites is the Gano Schokolade.  Rick’s not a coffee drinker, but he loves the benefits of Ganoderma.  He has always been fairly healthy, but as he reached his 50’s, he started to see age spots on his hands and face.

By taking our Ganoderma regularly, after about 6 months, those age spots have faded away.  (I know people may think age spots are just something cosmetic, but our belief is that it’s an indicator of deterioration from the inside out, so we’re happy he’s been able to reverse that).

Our ganoderma-infused Hot Chocolate, called Gano Schokolade, is made with a smooth, delicious, Swiss Chocolate.  When people taste it, they absolutely love it – and unlike other hot chocolates, it’s great for the brain, has other health benefits, and is wonderful for children and grandchildren.  Instead of hyping them up like other hot chocolate will, this hot chocolate tends to calm children down.

Taste What People Are Talking About

Gano Schokolade soothes my stomach like nothing else.  I thought maybe that was unique to me, but I had a friend who was feeling terrible after a bout of food poisoning.  I offered him a cup of Gano Schokolade – and just a few minutes later he asked what was in it – because he was feeling so much better!  – Shana F., San Diego, CA

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Taste What People Are Talking About


Gano Cafe Hot Chocolate

To great coffee and great health,

Shana & Rick


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