Gano Cafe Reishi Coffee ProductsWe all have our favorite Gano Cafe products, whether it’s one of our coffees, our Red Rooibos tea, our amazing hot chocolate, or one of our personal care products or supplements.  Here are our current favorites, and our most popular picks:

Shana’s Favorite:

Right now my favorite is the Gano Classic Coffee.  It’s a smooth, black coffee that is perfect for mornings.  I love it because I can choose to add my own creamer or sweetener, or just drink it black.  I love adding in a splash of organic half and half, and when I’m in the mood for something a bit sweet, I’ll add in a few drops of Stevia.

Taste My Favorite Gano Cafe Coffee:

GanoCafe Classic Coffee

Rick’s Favorite:

Kylie w Gano Rooibos TeaRick goes between the Gano Red Rooibos SOD Tea (which we like to call “The Power of Red Squared”) and the Gano Schokolade.  Rick’s not a coffee drinker, but he loves the benefits of Ganoderma.  He has always been fairly healthy, but as he reached his 50’s, he started to see age spots on his hands and face.  By taking our Ganoderma regularly, after about 6 months, those age spots have faded away.  (I know people may think age spots are just something cosmetic, but our belief is that it’s an indicator of deterioration from the inside out, so we’re happy he’s been able to reverse that).

Gano Cafe Hot ChocolateOur Gano Schokolade is made with a smooth, delicious, Swiss Chocolate.  When people taste it, they absolutely love it – and unlike other hot chocolates, it’s great for the brain, has other health benefits, and is wonderful for children and grandchildren.  Instead of hyping them up like other hot chocolate will, this hot chocolate tends to calm children down.

Taste Rick’s Favorites
Gano Red Rooibos Tea or Gano Schokolade

Martha’s and Stephanie’s Favorite:

Our friends Martha and Stephanie have discovered Gano Cafe Mocha and don’t want to be without it!  Imagine a perfect blend of fully rounded rich coffee and sumptuous Swiss cocoa – enriched with Ganoderma – and that’s our Cafe Mocha.

Taste our Amazing Gano Cafe Mocha


Most Unique – Pure Energy:

And last, but definitely not least, is our most unique coffee – our Tongkat Ali Ginseng Coffee.  We love to call this our Pure Energy coffee because the blend of coffee, Ginseng and Tongkat Ali is potent.  Ginseng is a superfood known to increase energy, and Tongkat Ali is a root know to support your body in producing Testosterone (ladies – Testosterone is great for us too – not only gives us that loving feeling, but can also make us feel younger and more alive!)

Taste what people are talking about – our Pure Energy Coffee

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To great coffee and great health,

Shana & Rick

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