How to Enroll in the Gano Cafe Affiliate Membership Program and get the Wholesale Pricing for Gano Cafe:


  • Go to or click here to go straight to the Enrollment Page
  • Click on Enroll in the upper right corner
  • Or call Gano Excel Customer Service at 626-338-8081, and they can set up your account by phone (they will ask who told you about Gano Cafe – just tell them RS Health Solutions – Affiliate ID 8397750)


  • On the ENROLL screen, choose the country you live in, and click on the checkbox at the bottom of the page, then click on NEXT



  • On the Package Selection page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the Smart Start pack (not the Smart Start Plus pack – unless you’re interested in earning money from home sharing Gano Cafe with others).

  • From there, you just fill in the boxes.  (Be sure to make a note of the password you select, as you’ll be using that in the future.)


  • On the Product Selection page, choose the products you would like.  You’ll have an option to choose the date you’d like to receive your 2nd order, so just choose the date that will work best for you.  (Your first order will still be shipped out right away)
  • The next page will allow you to enter your payment information and confirm your order – and your first shipment will be on its way to you!

Once you’ve received your first order, if you want to change what you receive in your next order, or need to postpone it (or even stop it), click here to find out How To Change Your Recurring Monthly Order.

If you have questions, just call or email us, and we’ll be happy to help you.

Rick & Shana