Questions About Orders Or Account Access:

If you are in the US (including Puerto Rico) or Mexico, for questions about order status or your Gano Excel account login, contact Gano Excel Customer Support at 1-626-338-8081 or email  If you are in Canada, you can email  If you know your account login information, use the links below:

When you contact Customer Support, they may ask which affiliate you ordered from.  Our affiliate ID is 8397750 and the account is under Rickey Frey at RS Health Solutions.

Questions About Products or Affiliate Programs

Have questions about Gano Cafe or Ganoderma Lucidum?  Or about any of our other products?  Please let us know – we’d love help.

If you have questions about products or our affiliate program, call or text us at 1-858-255-0414, email us at or fill out the form below to email us.  You can also learn more about the affiliate program here.

Shana & Rick Frey

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