Coffee is about embracing the simple pleasures in life.  And with GanoCafe, each sip of your favorite comfort drink can also boost your well-being!

There are so many perfect coffee occasions (or in some cases, perfect tea or hot chocolate occasions).  Here are just 10… enjoy – don’t take them for granted.

10 Occasions to Enjoy Coffee, Hot Chocolate & Tea

1. First thing in the morning – is there anything like the first cup of coffee in the morning?   My favorite in the morning – GanoCafe Classic, our bold, black coffee enriched with a unique blend of nutrients.  I love it with a splash of organic half & half.

2. Breakfast – Eggs, toast (gluten free for me), fruit …and coffee.  Our GanoCafe Classic is a smooth, black coffee perfect for mornings.  Add your own cream, or just enjoy the smooth, fresh roasted flavor.Or if you like your coffee sweet and creamy, try our Gano Café 3-in-1 (also known as our “Latte”) with breakfast.  Our creamy Latte is a rich blend of pesticide-free, fair-trade coffee beans and non-dairy creamer with a hint of sugar, and an infusion of Ganoderma.

3. Reading – What can I say?  A nice hot drink and reading are a natural pairing.  Sometimes coffee is just what I want, but sometimes I’m winding down, so it’s time for a hot chocolate or tea.Ganocafe Schokolade is an absolutely wonderful hot chocolate … (you might think I’m a little biased – but others have said so as well J)… it’s made with swiss chocolate, and has a rich, chocolate flavor – not too sweet – just perfect.  It is infused with a special variety of Ganoderma, that is especially supportive of brain health.  So you can share it with the children in your life – young and old.

If Tea is your favorite reading companion, we’ve taken the rich, natural South African Red Rooibos Tea and combined it with our extract from the powerful red mushroom, Ganoderma, known as the magical “king of herbs”, creating a soothing, new tea tradition with Gano Tea.

4. Writing – Isn’t coffee is the perfect writing partner?  I am drinking some as I write now.  I’m drinking our Latte – coffee house taste with an herbal booster – so great!  But one of my favorites to drink while I write is our GanoCafe Mocha. Our Mocha brings smooth coffee and rich chocolate together with a Ganoderma.  Indulge yourself in a frothy, rich mocha without the coffeehouse guilt…”

5. Studying– For obvious reasons, coffee is great when studying. Many a student has discovered the benefits of coffee when studying for a test.  The lift in energy, alertness and focus can be a great help when studying.  GanoCafe Classic, GanoCafe 3-in-1 or GanoCafe Mocha are all great choices.

Or if you’re having to pull an all-nighter, you might want to have some of our Ginseng Coffee with Tongkat Ali on hand.  Gano Schokolade is another great choice for studying, because it’s infused with a special variety of Ganoderma that is especially good for the brain.

Here is what one college student had to say about the GanoCafe Hot Chocolate:

My mom sent me some hot chocolate since I’ve been in college. After a couple of days of taking the Gano Schokolade, I noticed that it helped me stay awake during late night hours enabling me to finish my homework. I feel more energy and it also helped me to stay alert during the daytime while actually sitting in a 3 hour long lecture. – Megan Espiritu, 19, CA

6. Driving – On the way to work, isn’t is soothing to have a travel mug full of coffee to sip on? It can make all the difference when the traffic is a little heavy or you just wish the light would change.  Stop, take a sip of coffee, and all is right with the world for that moment.  Or it doesn’t have to be the morning commute – it could be a relaxing drive or a road trip.

One thing that’s especially great about GanoCafe is that it’s Ready Brew, so all you need is hot water, and you can have a fresh cup of any of our Ganoderma Coffee.

7. Mid-Afternoon– ever have that mid-afternoon slump?   Try our Pure Energy coffee.  Now this isn’t for everyone, because this is a pretty potent coffee –it’s our GanoCafe Ginseng Coffee with Tongkat Ali.  (See #9 below to read more about it.)  It’s not for everyone, because it can give you so much energy, that if you don’t burn it off, it might keep you up a little later than usual at night.

If you’re sensitive to coffee in the afternoon, I recommend our Gano Schokolade.  It’ll wake up your brain just enough to get you through the rest of the afternoon.

8. Family and friend visits – isn’t it great just sitting at the table with a hot cup of coffee and talking?  One of the best things about having GanoCafe on hand is that you have something for everyone.  With just a pot of hot water, you can offer your family and friends a fresh brewed smooth, rich black coffee, a latte, a mocha, ginseng coffee, hot chocolate, or tea.  And the preparation is so simple.All of the GanoCafe coffee is instant (or ready brew).  It is naturally processed, no chemicals are used, and it is pre-brewed by a unique method that allows the fresh-brewed flavor to be retained.

9. Saturday Morning – I love Saturday mornings.  It’s my day to play (and do some chores), and I want to have as much energy as I possibly can.  This is the day for GanoCafe Tongkat Ali Ginseng CoffeeTongkat Ali Ginseng Coffee is a potent combo of the performance-boosting herbs Panax Ginseng, Ganoderma Lucidum and Tongkat Ali (also known as Longifolia Jack) with fine Brazilian coffee that is organically grown and fair trade.  Our secret is in the power of our proprietary blend…

These two gave our Tongkat Ali coffee 5 out of 5 stars:

This stuff is amazing. I call it my coffee additive. Like STP gas tank additive. Same thing So it’s like higher octane more power I loved it. Now I think it’s not coffee without it. Move over Starbucks. This won’t leave you jittery like a triple dark roast Venti.  5.0 out of 5 stars – January 14, 2012 – by Brkn2th
Ganocafe Tongkat Ali tastes good. It also gives you the energy boost of a high powered energy drink. I like the easy mix of the instant powder. Having the creamer and sweetener already in the mix is also nice. 5.0 out of 5 stars – October 9, 2010 – by Trina Kennedy, AZ

10. This one’s for you… what’s your favorite coffee occasion – and your favorite coffee, tea or hot chocolate?  Comment and share – we’d love to hear from you!

There are so many different times and places to enjoy the pleasures of coffee.  I was telling Rick about this article, and he thought we should do a blog post on Outdoor Coffee Occasions – like camping, picnics and more – so that should be coming soon.

To great coffee and great health,

Shana & Rick

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