If you have Fibromyalgia, or know someone who does, you may know that normal coffee can increase the pain.  Fibromyalgia pain is caused by inflammation – and acidic coffee increases inflammation.

Now, you know I can’t make any medical claims – nor would I want to.  But I can share stories with you that people have shared with me.  There’s no guarantee this will be your experience… but here’s a story from one lady…

“Ten and one half years ago, I was a successful motivational speaker and a [Business] Director with seven states and over 100 women in my unit. I was a former LAPD officer and was used to running 2 1/2 miles a day. I was in the prime of my life, and wore a size 4.

On August 9, 1993, a trash truck rolled over my car and I developed a debilitating disease called Fibromyalgia.

I experienced chronic pain, sleep deprivation, migraine headaches, and extreme memory loss. My immune system was compromised and I was bed ridden for almost two years. I became depressed with no hope for recovery or a meaningful life!

Over 90% of the people with this syndrome die of suicide, because of the continuous pain and mental anguish. The only method of treating this disease was to prescribe narcotics such as Demerol, Morphine and Tricyclorides that had devastating side effects including organ damage and severe weight gain.

After taking Gano Café 3 in 1, Ganoderma and Excellium, my body was without pain for the first time in almost eleven years. I have energy to run a business and mental clarity. I lost 10 pounds and two dress sizes in 11 days.

My mission in life is to expose everyone to this miracle called Ganoderma, so that they too, can live and walk in the power of health; which will allow them to be the best that they can be!”  – Claudia, GA

If you want to try what Claudia did, here are the links:  Gano Cafe 3-in-1, Ganoderma (capsules) and Excellium (capsules).  (And if you’d prefer the same coffee, but without sweetener and cream already in it, try our Gano Cafe Classic.)

We hope you find this info useful!

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