Reishi MushroomBuy GanoCafe wholesale – AND Earn Free Coffee!

Get the best of all worlds with GanoCafe Coffee – taste, health and the best price.  When you enroll as an affiliate, you receive the wholesale price for GanoCafe – a $27 box of GanoCafe will only cost $19 for you (and there is no membership fee for being an affiliate)!  Plus, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the Gano Rewards Program and you’ll earn points toward free product for every box of coffee or bottle of capsules you purchase on a monthly recurring order.

How to Set Up your Gano Excel Wholesale Account

Go to and click on the ENROLL button in the upper right corner.

Ganoderma Coffee Wholesale

Here are the next steps:

  • Choose your country and click in the box at the bottom of the page agreeing to the Gano Statement of Policy, then click NEXT
    • Scroll down and find the Smart Start Pack (it is below the ESP packs).  This allows you to get started with as few as 2 boxes of coffee, and waives the affiliate fee.
    • (If you want to share the coffee with others and earn income, you might consider one of the ESP kits, or the Smart Start Plus pack, which allows you to customize $100 worth of products.)
  • On the next page, you’ll be prompted to enter your name and address information, and you’ll set up a password for future account access – click NEXT
  • When you are prompted for your monthly shipment date:
    • You get to select when you want to receive your next monthly shipment.  If you select the 15th, for example, your shipments will be sent out on the 15th of each month.
    • You can customize each of your monthly shipments, so you can change which products you’ll receive – you can do this online or by calling Customer Service at 626-338-8081.
    • NOTE: If you ever need to change the date of your monthly shipments, the easiest way to do this is to call Customer Service at 626-338-8081.
  • The final steps are to enter in your payment information, and submit your initial order.  When the Order Confirmation page comes up, we recommend you print it, write your password on it, and save it for future reference.  The Order Confirmation page will have your affiliate ID on it, and you’ll need that when it’s time to log into your account.

Remember that by becoming a Wholesale Affiliate, you are set up to receive a monthly order of products.  Every time you receive your monthly Autoship, you will earn rewards points you can use for free products!  You can change what you order each month, or stop your order at any time (see How To Change Your Monthly Order).

If you have any problems enrolling, or need help with using your rewards points, contact us at 858-255-0414.

To great coffee, great health, and an abundant life,

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p.s. Remember to call us when you enroll!  We won’t have access to your contact information unless you get in touch with us, and we want to help you get started right!  Email us at or call us at 858-255-0414.