Reishi MushroomBecome a GanoCafe Affiliate – AND Earn Rewards Points for Free Products!

Get the best of all worlds with GanoCafe Coffee – taste, health and the best price.  When you enroll as an affiliate, you receive the wholesale price for GanoCafe – a $30 box of GanoCafe will only cost $22 for you!

When you create your Affiliate Account, you will initially be set up with an automatic monthly shipment, so you will receive GanoCafe each month, and don’t need to worry about running out!  (You can always change or cancel your monthly shipment online or by calling Customer Service at 1-626-338-8081).  And for each monthly autoshipment you receive, you will earn rewards points that can be used towards Free Products!

How to Set Up your Gano Excel Affiliate Account

Due to a website redesign, the process for creating a new Affiliate Account has recently changed.  You can choose one of these methods for creating your new Affiliate Account:

Option 1: Contact the Gano Excel Customer Support Team

  1. Call or text Customer Support at 1-626-338-8081, Mon thru Fri 8am to 5pm Pacific Time.
  2. Tell them you want to join as a Gano Excel Affiliate.  Customer Support will ask for your Sponsor’s ID, or for the name and ID of the affiliate who referred you:  Rick Frey with RS Health Solutions, Affiliate ID 8397750.
  3. Which Leg? Customer Support may ask which “leg” you will be on.  Please tell them the “right leg”.
  4. To have a $25 one-time fee waived, ask to order a Smart Start package or one of the ESP packages.  The minimum order to have the fee waived is $50.  However, future orders can be as small or large as you’d like them to be.

Option 2: Contact Rick & Shana

Contact us directly by text or phone at 858-255-0414, and we can create the account for you.  You can also email us through our Contact Us page.

Option 3: Create account on the website

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to the Our Subscription Packages section.
  3. If you want to become an affiliate just for the savings, choose the Smart Start Package and click Enroll Now.  If you want to become an affiliate and earn income from sharing these products, there are benefits to one of the larger packages, so call us if you want to go over the choices.
  4. Follow the remaining steps to agree to the terms and conditions, plus provide shipping and payment details.

If the Sponsor ID or Referrer ID info is needed, it is 8397750.  The Sponsor Name is Rick Frey.

The ESP packages are especially great options if you want to start an Affiliate Business with Gano Excel and earn income by sharing these amazing products.

Not ready to join as an affiliate?  Want to try a product or two first?  Here are the steps for becoming a retail customer:

Become a Retail Customer:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to the Our Products section and click on Shop Now.
  3. Add the products you want to the shopping cart.
  4. When you are ready to check out, click on the shopping cart icon up in the corner to review your order.
  5. Follow the remaining steps to provide shipping and payment details.

Changing your Monthly Autoshipment

If you ever need to change the date of your monthly shipments, the easiest way to do this is to call Customer Service at 626-338-8081.  You can also log into your affiliate account to make changes by going to

You can also call us directly, but for security purposes, Customer Service does not allow us to make changes to your account or to your orders on your behalf.

Have Other GanoCafe Questions?

If you have any problems enrolling, or need help figuring out how to use your rewards points, or just have general questions, feel free to call or text us directly at 858-255-0414.

To great coffee, great health, and an abundant life,

Rick Shana Signature forw Benefits of Being an Affiliate

p.s. Remember to call or text us when you enroll!  We won’t have access to your contact information unless you get in touch with us, and we want to help you get started right!  Call or text us at 858-255-0414.