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Gano Cafe and High Blood Pressure

Janeska is a mother of three who had been dealing with chronic high blood pressure since childhood.  As an adult, she started experiencing other health issues as well.  She is normally a very private person, but is stepping outside of her comfort zone to share her story because she knows it might help others. As with all of our Gano…
Coffee Thoughts
September 1, 2016
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Can Coffee Be Healthy?

Can coffee be healthy? Common knowledge tells us that coffee is "bad for you." In some cases, I completely agree. Coffee can add extra challenges for your adrenal system, and for some people, caffeine (whether in coffee, tea, soda or an energy drink) affects their heart. As we've worked with highly respected nutritionists, we've learned that in some cases, drinking…
Coffee Thoughts
July 31, 2016
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Taste What People Are Talking About…

GanoCafe is an evolution of coffee - since 1995, Gano Excel has been committed to the quest for the perfect brew.  GanoCafe's signature line of enriched products is the culmination of the journey to bring you a superior cup of coffee that will energize, revitalize and harmonize. Taste What People Are Talking About The evolution began by enriching everyday products…
Coffee Thoughts
January 19, 2014