Coffee Thoughts

Top Picks from Rick & Shana

We all have our favorite Gano Cafe products, whether it’s one of our coffees, our Red Rooibos tea, our amazing hot chocolate, or one of our personal care products or supplements.  Here are our current favorites, and our most popular picks: Shana’s Favorite: Right now my favorite is the Gano Classic Coffee.  It’s a smooth, …

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Coffee and Fibromyalgia

If you have Fibromyalgia, or know someone who does, you may know that normal coffee can increase the pain.  Fibromyalgia pain is caused by inflammation – and acidic coffee increases inflammation. Now, you know I can’t make any medical claims – nor would I want to.  But I can share stories with you that people …

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Can Coffee Be Healthy?

Can coffee be healthy? Common knowledge tells us that coffee is “bad for you.” In some cases, I completely agree. Coffee can add extra challenges for your adrenal system, and for some people, caffeine (whether in coffee, tea, soda or an energy drink) affects their heart. As we’ve worked with highly respected nutritionists, we’ve learned …

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Reishi Mushroom

Why Gano Cafe?

Gano Cafe is the only great tasting “ready brew” coffee infused with health! Coffee and health?  YES – that’s exactly what Gano Cafe is! Ready Brew coffee is like instant coffee, because all you need to do is add hot water, but here’s how Gano Cafe is different from traditional instant coffee: It’s made from …

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10 Great Coffee Occasions

Coffee is about embracing the simple pleasures in life.  And with GanoCafe, each sip of your favorite comfort drink can also boost your well-being! There are so many perfect coffee occasions (or in some cases, perfect tea or hot chocolate occasions).  Here are just 10… enjoy – don’t take them for granted. 10 Occasions to …

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