Coffee and Diabetes

Do you know someone with diabetes who loves great coffee, and doesn’t want to give it up?  If you do, you’ve got to check this out: Ganoderma Lucidum, the key ingredient in all of our coffee and other products, is known for its blood sugar balancing effects.  Imagine being able to stabilize your blood sugar …

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How to Order By Phone

**How To Call to Order in English or en Espanol** If you prefer to order by phone, rather than online, here are the steps: Call Customer Service at 1-626-338-8081 Hours are Mon thru Fri 8am to 5pm Pacific Time Tell them if you would like to make a “retail purchase” or “wholesale purchase” or “become …

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GanoExcel Review

GanoCafe Classic

Is there anything like the first cup of coffee in the morning?   My favorite in the morning – GanoCafe Classic, our bold, black coffee enriched with a unique blend of nutrients.  Personally, I love it with a splash of organic half & half or coconut milk. Gano Excel has taken the full-bodied taste of the …

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Gano Cafe Reishi Coffee Products

Gano Cafe: All New Packaging – Same Great Tasting Coffee!

Look what Gano Excel just did! We have a new look for some of our GanoCafe products!  We have our comfort beverages, from our premium, delicious Gano Cafe healthy coffees and tea to our silky enriched hot chocolate.  Each is chock full of 150+ antioxidants, 200+ phytonutrients and the power of Ganoderma Lucidum. And, we …

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